Here you will find a bit of information about me, how I got started and where I'm going.

the nitty gritty

I'm 26 years old, I live and work in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I have an insatiable appetite for anything with wheels. I like to mountain bike, go hiking, and window shopping. Occasionaly I enjoy hitting a bucket of balls at the driving range.

where i got started

I got started with my career in media and design before I was even out of elementary school. My first computer was a whopping 386 MHz running Windows 3.1. Fancy. I used it for playing games and messing around in DOS command. From there things only went higher.

Stepping into middle school was where I developed my first website, grade 7 actually. The website enabled students who were sick to be able to download homework and assignments missed. Teachers loved it. I maintained that site until I left in grade 9. At the same time, I taught the grade 9 computer studies class.

High school allowed me to solidify my skills in typing and accuracy, as well as word processing and basically the entire Microsoft software regime. I studied computer programming at the same time. From grade 10-12 I participated in a class called communications technology. It was where I discovered the wonderful world of Adobe. Photoshop and Illustrator came naturally to me, as did video editing.

where i am today,

Well I don't think anyone knows for sure where they are going, but rather where they want to go. I want to share my passion for the web with others by developing relationships that inspire creativity and talent. I enjoy seeing my work on the web, and seeing my designs in print.

get in touch

Phone:  403.973.9208

the difference

I have lots of it.

With my talent, I'm capable of handling anything. Period.

I stay focused on your project from start to finish, no if's and's or but's.