I call them 'solutions' because they often solve a lot of your current website problems. I'm not trying to re-invent the wheel or anything here, simply improve the way things work. A couple times I've re-invented the wheel though, seriously!

my approach

Just the shear concept of a website is a daunting one. Do you need a website? What do you do? What do you sell--if anything? Who do you want to sell it to? These are all valid questions, but they are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

I will examine ALL of these questions and more at an in-depth level and determine what is best suited for you needs.

what if i already have a website?

Not a problem! You see, I don't just build new websites, I can also assess your current website and deliver a report of what I see fit for improvement or if the whole thing should be scrapped. Oh by the way, these reports are free! You should get one just for fun!

my solutions

  • Website Development
    This is the heart of what I do and it brings me great joy.
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  • Current Website Analysis
    In-depth look at your business' current state of affairs in the website department.
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  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization
    This is important if you like being on the first page of Google. Who doesn't?
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  • E-Commerce
    Retail is more online than ever. Don't get left behind!
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If these aren't what you had in mind then give me a piece of it! I welcome your thoughts, comments or questions about my services. Contact me today!

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